About Del Sol Research Management, LLC.

About Del Sol Research Management

Del Sol Research Management, LLC. Is a locally owned medical research facility focused on conducting clinical trials on behalf of pharmaceutical companies. The goal of these trials is to research the safety and efficacy of investigational medications/devices, while providing quality patient care and ensuring patient safety. We are dedicated in the efforts to provide the finest service to our patients.

If you are a patient thinking about participating in clinical trials, we invite you to experience a warm, caring atmosphere that you won’t find in many doctors’ office or in a hospital environment. At Del Sol Research, expect to be treated like the exceptional person that you are! See our FAQ’s to learn more about the whats, whens, whys, and hows of clinical research and being a study participant.

About our Founders:

Del Sol Research Management, LLC has a strong foundation due to the long-term experience of its owners in the clinical research industry. Wendy Hotz our President, a pharmacist of 34 years has experience working directly for pharmaceutical companies in the research and development field as well as at the clinical research site management and marketing level for the last 32 years. Maria Gallegos our Vice President has 20 years of experience at the site level and has worked her way up from entry level, taking on many roles through her year in research. This has exposed her to each aspect of the practical conduct of clinical trials.

Our Mission

At Del Sol Research Management, LLC. our mission is to ensure the highest level of care and safety for our patients through their participation in each clinical trial to deliver an optimal patient experience. In addition, we strive to provide high quality, reliable data to pharmaceutical companies who are striving to provide cutting edge medications and devices for the treatment and prevention of diseases to extend and enhance patients’ quality of life. We complement these efforts by maintaining the highest level of safety, care, and compassion for our patients.

Del Sol Research recognizes that our most compelling opportunity is to replace the public’s apprehension or misconception of clinical research with a full understanding of, appreciation for and involvement in the positive impact trial results have in the lives of participants and the world at large. Our goal is to enhance and extend life and health for all people affected by disease.

Do you have unmet healthcare needs? Are insurance changes limiting your treatment options? Would you like to be an important part of scientific medical advances? If you answered YES, we have clinical trial opportunities for YOU!

“Become a Medical Hero!”